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Academics / School of Business / 体育管理-体育营销

你相信博彩平台推荐有多棒. 以推销他人为职业.

Sports are loved around the world, attracting millions of fans, attendees and buyers. 任何与体育相关的组织, it’s imperative to have an effective sports marketing strategy in place to build brand awareness, 提高客户忠诚度,创造收益. Tiffin University’s BBA in Sports Management with a concentration in Sports Marketing will help you to develop the management, marketing and business skills you’ll need to create winning strategies and successful campaigns in the exciting, 充满机遇的体育营销行业. 

The BBA in Sports Management-Sports Marketing is designed to provide you the management and marketing fundamentals you’ll need to launch or enhance a sports business career. You’ll take a variety of courses covering all aspects of sports marketing, taught by faculty who bring years of industry experience. You’ll gain practical insights into the world of sports marketing, as well as professional connections – all part of a hands-on, 现实世界的体育营销教育.

  • You’ll study with professors who bring years of industry experience, having worked in a variety of athletic administrative roles including athletic director, marketing, fundraising, NCAA compliance, 设施管理及建议, as well as international work as a leading authority on global and intercollegiate sport administration.
  • Tiffin University is one of the only sports management programs in the world coordinating an academic experience at the Olympics. Since 2004, our students have traveled to the Games to interact with Olympians, IOC members, and directors associated with the host city organizing committee and the International Sport Business Conference.
  • Sports marketing students have nationwide access to sport professionals with a connection to Tiffin University. These relationships make possible invaluable mentorships, internships, professional connections and even job opportunities.
  • Our program has a strategic partnership with the MLB Cleveland Guardians (formerly Indians), NBA Detroit Pistons, MiLB Toledo Mud Hens, 以及托莱多瓦利耶曲棍球组织. Students are able to interact with team administrators, gaining practical, 实践培训和经验.
  • Our Sport Management Advisory Council is comprised of alumni and practitioners in the sports industry who provide input on current trends, insights to ensure a relevant curriculum and experiential learning opportunities such as internships, 实习和指导.
  • 在Peregrine的全国标准化测试中, in the area of Marketing, 午餐商学院学生的平均得分为8分.7 percentage points higher as compared with students from other ACBSP schools.
BBA to MBA Program

This accelerated pathway allows you to take classes that count as dual credit towards both your BBA and MBA degrees, giving you the ability to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in just five years, 节省你的时间和金钱. 了解我们的MBA课程.

Linking industry knowledge to professional practice, our degree program provides a real-world sports management education that provides guidance and opportunities to enhance the competencies of TU students who aspire to work and thrive in the business of sports.


Various courses in the program are taught by professionals in the field, 包括一名经过认证的NBA体育经纪人, President of the National Olympians Association in Sierra Leone, former Director of Media Relations for the Boston Celtics, Marketing Coordinator for the Atlanta Braves and others.

Everywhere, Internships

TU students have interned with myriad sports organizations, including pro franchises such as the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia Force and Indiana Fever. Our students have secured internships at college athletic departments all across the country – from Wake Forest University, 去了圣母大学, to Boise State. And, they’ve interned in nearly every area of sport such as the NCAA Final Four, PGA tour events, 职业网球巡回赛, 克利夫兰体育委员会, 坦帕湾体育委员会, the Sugar Bowl, ESPN, 女子体育基金会, 勒布朗·詹姆斯营销公司, 中央电视台体育网和其他很多电视台.


Our sports management department brings together alumni and industry professionals in an advisory council, which provides invaluable professional insights and guidance to all areas of our program. The council includes a sport lawyer from Harvard who practices in Washington DC and China; a five-time Olympian from Puerto Rico with extensive executive experience with national governing bodies of sport; an associate strength and conditioning coach with the Green Bay Packers, and an Olympian from Romania working as professor of kinesiology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The council also currently includes five alumni who work with the MLB Guardians (ex-Indians), NFL Pittsburgh Steelers; eBay, MiLB Louisville Bats, Michigan State University (strength and conditioning) and with Pyramid Sports and Entertainment as an NFL agent. Industry professionals and alumni extended invitations for 2022 include a scout for the NFL Indianapolis Colts and the VP of Operations from the AAA Louisville Bats.

In the Sports Management-Sports Marketing program you’ll develop career-ready skills in the best way possible – by doing. 作为专业人士的一部分, hands-on education, you’ll apply learning and gain valuable experience as you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Complete an internship and field experience – both are required
  • Collaborate on and present major projects – most courses incorporate them
  • 分析体育案例研究
  • Serve as commissioner for an athletic conference or as a marketing manager of a professional sport venue in a role-playing scenario.
  • Engage in a team classroom project in which you’ll work virtually with group members from a sport management program in southern Florida.
  • Pursue studies in the emerging field of sports analytics – the major requires a course in the topic
  • 接受游戏操作方面的实际培训
  • Serve as a sales associate for a professional sport team
  • Serve on committees for leadership development program
  • 参加体育商务会议
  • 设计品牌重塑活动
  • 设计体育旅游活动
  • 建立和维护体育相关网站
  • Learn to use tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark to create media graphics
  • Attend Sports Management Club speaker series – the club has recently featured speakers from the Cleveland Cavaliers, 哥伦布蓝夹克队, 俄亥俄州立大学体育系, the Detroit Tigers and the National Fastpitch Softball League.

Sports Management Core 

  • MKT253营销传播- 3小时
  • SMG235 Sports Marketing & Promotions – 3 hours
  • MKT364 Event Marketing and Management – 3 hours
  • SMG335体育媒体技术- 3小时

Total – 12 hours

有些课程可能有先决条件. 详见课程描述.

Total BBA hours 121

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.


体育市场推广(SMG235) – This course is designed to assist students in understanding the techniques of writing common to the sports business with a focus on social and digital media applications for successful marketing and promotion campaigns. 学生将接触到写作, designing and editing a variety of documents used for sport sponsorship proposals, 品牌宣传活动, fan loyalty programs, marketing plans, 代言协议和活动筹款计划. Students will apply fundamental principles of sport blogging, meeting deadlines and web layout for the internet.

营销传播(MKT253) – This course deals with operation and management of the advertising and promotion function with respect to both its positions within the marketing system and its relationship to the other business functions.

事件营销与管理(MKT364) -检查调度实践, planning, organizing, promoting and supervising commercial and private events. Business planning is emphasized as students are familiarized with theories, 营销术语和物流, promotions, management, decision making and analyses of customer behavior. This course emphasizes the creation and implementation of core documents to present to prospective investors, clients and employees.

Graphic Design (ART325) – This course will investigate the mechanics of visual perception using digital design tools. Focus will be on the formal properties of design including space, line, plane, mass, shape, texture and color; and the organizational fundamentals of unity, balance, rhythm and movement. Students will prepare and produce a series of digital design projects that are relevant to professional practices. Emphasis will be given to the principles of planning and visual thinking needed to communicate ideas. Problem solving on an individual and group level will be stressed.


On Campus – Offered in a 15-week semester format with a start date of January and August



The global sports industry is worth up to $620 billion today. With growth that is faster than global GDP, the industry’s long-term prospects appear strong. Highly sought after by sports-related organizations, Tiffin University sports management graduates are succeeding in all sectors of the sports industry.

  • 助理体育主任:职业生涯的提升
  • 体育副主任
  • 运动员发展/筹款主任
  • Athletic Coordinator
  • Client Services
  • 社区关系服务
  • 财务和活动团队总监
  • Director of Major Gifts
  • Director of Operations
  • 高级座位和招待总监
  • Event Coordinator
  • Fan Engagement
  • Fan Services
  • 业务拓展经理
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing & Event Manager
  • Membership Director
  • 推广及活动经理
  • 公共关系/通讯总监
  • Retail salespersons
  • Scouting Services
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Sport Administrator
  • Sport Agencies
  • Sport Commissions
  • Sports Authority
  • 9round Fitness, LLC
  • 美国业余运动联合会.S., Inc.
  • 安德森大学体育广播
  • Bleacher Report
  • Bowie Bay Sox
  • CCTV Sports (Beijing)
  • Cleveland Guardians
  • Cleveland Soccer Club
  • 科尔盖特大学体育营销
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Creative Artists Agency
  • Dunham’s Sports
  • JKS Incorporated Creative and Design (NC)
  • KingsTalent
  • Legends Hospitality
  • Louisville Sluggers
  • Maryland Blue Crabs
  • 密歇根州立大学
  • Middlesboro Daily News Sports Department (Editor)
  • 费城费城人队
  • 全国快速投球垒球协会
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • ONE Championship
  • 渥太华大学体育信息
  • 宾夕法尼亚州立大学体育学院
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 嗅觉好客(克利夫兰)
  • 南马里兰蓝蟹
  • 南卫理公会大学田径
  • Virginia Tech University Athletic Development Office
  • 韦伯州立体育财产
  • 耶鲁大学体育学院

Program Requirements


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Class of 2022
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