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About / Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness (CCU)

Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness (CCU)

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The Initiative

Under the leadership of Dr. Schumacher, in 2016 Tiffin University (TU) embarked on an initiative called Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness (CCU), now called CCU@TU. The initiative began as a focus to strengthen our approach to diversity and inclusion in order to be able to demonstrate a culture of openness to diversity of thought and action; not because we were not doing so, but because we could do better. TU administrators, faculty, staff and students wanted to show a strong attitude for embracing, welcoming, and celebrating diversity and inclusion and, moreover, become known internally and externally as an institution that educates, develops and prepares individuals for the realities of the world in which we live and work.

Why Celebrating Uniqueness?

Culture is defined as “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts.” (Zimmerman 2015).

At Tiffin University, we have more than one culture at play; the campus culture and the individual culture each person encompasses.

We call the now commitment to Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness our response to diversity and inclusion not only because TU’s culture is unique from other academic institutions, but because we are all unique. Uniqueness is to be understood, respected and celebrated.

Today, we pledge to our students that regardless of area of specialty, they will graduate as innovative problem solvers who can leverage diversity of any type to work effectively with people who are different from them and produce innovative ideas.

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“Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness at Tiffin University is the feeling of acceptance and appreciation for being unique in my own skin and culture. I am welcomed as a young, passionate, driven, Puerto Rican female that is looking to further my education and rise in leadership. CCU at TU motivates me to take risks in many different areas in my life, including the decision to leave my previous career that was in my field of study and go back to school to elevate my experience and knowledge. I have come to learn that every life situation is either going to be filled with a blessing or a lesson. CCU has taught me not to be afraid of taking those risks and trust the process in the way that I know best, which for me is spiritually, leaning on my roots and on my family. I come from a household of hardworking parents who spent tireless days and nights to make sure that my brother, sister and I had everything we needed and could have what we wanted as long as we never placed our wants before our Lord, family and education. They made sure we completed college to reach our desired careers and aspirations, for that I thank them. Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness, for me, is celebrating my faith, parents, who I am. I look back at my life in appreciation because although I am the youngest in my family, I am going to be the first child in my family entering into a Masters Program, which will be a first in our family history. I greatly thank Tiffin University for this opportunity of continued success.”

— Ruby Santiago / Graduate Assistant for Undergraduate Admissions, Tiffin University Alum 2019, Current Graduate Student
Alex has had the opportunity to view the University as a community member, student and employee. From her advantage, TU deeply values students of diverse experiences and provides a sense of belonging and inclusion, no matter where you’re from.